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Statement of faith



Dear Friends


New Year greetings to one and all.


As I write (10th January) the Christmas decorations still hang from trees in our village shopping centre.  The Christmas tree sparkling and dazzling, dressed in its multi coloured fairy lights, standing almost defiant amidst the quizzical looks of passersby   - thoughts of Christmas, celebrations and holidays slowly fading into the annals of their personal history.

Observing, I was reminded of the song –“ I wish it could be Christmas every day “ and thought how wonderful that these lights still shine brightly, penetrating into a new year, extending more than the traditional 12 days.    Reflecting, I was reminded that God does not possess a calendar, a time piece, a diary.  He is the God of yesterday, today and forever,  His eyes searching the whole earth, radiating His brilliance, shining the light of love, joy, patience and peace into our fallen world.

I am blessed  with employment outwith the church which enables me to witness first hand the generosity, sacrifice, consideration, compassion and kindness of a wide range of people, the old, the young, the bereaved, the ill, those affected by poverty, those who are financially comfortable, those who are not so financially comfortable, but who still give what they can.  This Christmas I was overwhelmed by the compassion and kindness of so many ordinary folk.  Despite the busyness of Christmas, such a diverse range of individuals remembered those who were less well  off and very, very needy.

Our hearts can harden with what influences us through world media and situations we face can tempt us to be cynical.  However, it is spiritual food filled with goodness when we remember we have a God who wants to engage with our troubled minds and hardened hearts.  A Jesus who wants to  meet us where we are deeply touched, whether it be it in times of celebration and great joy, or times of frailty and weakness.  A Jesus who wants us to show overwhelming grace to others.

Following Christmas, many have been affected by various bugs and viruses which have been quite crippling, demanding that we take rest and obey “doctors orders.”

Instead of looking upon these times as unfruitful and of no purpose, we should endeavour to encourage one another to self examine, seek our Master and our Friend – a Jesus who continues to enjoy our company, even in our weakest moments, a Jesus who wipes every tear from our eye and soothes our pain.  A Jesus who heals.

So let us not leave Christmas behind,  bubble wrapping Jesus, placing him in that box in the garage, attic or cupboard – help us to keep Jesus shining brightly as the main reason for living – our first thought in the morning and the last whisper on our lips at night.

May you in 2018 be strong, bold and fearless, for even in the toughest circumstances the Lord, our God is with you.

Phyllis and all at BCC

Please take note that the Buckhaven Community Church will be meeting back in the Community Centre again on Sunday 14th January 2018


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Phyllis Duncan

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